Employers will need to choose a training provider to help them set up and run an Apprenticeship programme.

What services should a good training provider offer?

  • Bespoke advice –They should advise on the apprenticeship programmes available and help your staff get started.
  • City College Brighton and Hove offers a free skills audit, and their recruitment packages can include internal recruitment fairs, staff presentations and one-to-one assessments with your employees.
  • Recruitment –They should also help advertising your apprenticeship vacancies and support the recruitment process. City College Brighton and Hove acts as an Apprenticeship  recruitment agency , advertising your vacancies and supporting you with shortlisting and writing job descriptions.
  • Deliver excellent training – They will be responsible for delivering the training of your apprentice and providing regular feedback on how your apprentices are performing.
  • Manage the paperwork –Your training provider should also help with all paperwork, including accessing and managing any grants on your behalf, so there’s very little paperwork that you will need to fill in yourself.

City College Brighton and Hove has dedicated Apprenticeship advisors, who will ensure you get the help you need.

Negotiating the fees

From April 2017 employers can negotiate the cost of providing off-site training with their chosen training provider.

Should I go for the cheapest option?

The cost of external training is only one part of the investment you make in your apprentice. There are different costings linked to the level of apprentice you take on, but it’s about looking at all your options and making the best decision for your business.

Look for value for money in your training provider.

A larger training provider, such as City College Brighton and Hove, can provide additional advice and guidance right from day 1 when you make an initial enquiry to the very end of the Apprentice’s training programme.

Things to consider when choosing your training provider:

Do they offer the Apprenticeships your business needs?

If not, can they demonstrate expertise in your industry and that they have built successful new apprenticeships for other clients. A good training provider will be able to adapt their offerings to your needs.

Are they in your area?

If you are running an apprenticeship that will be taught at the training provider’s location, it’s important that they are local. It will be easier for your apprentice to attend classes and it will also be easier to meet with your Apprenticeship account manager face-to-face if you need any support or advice.

Do they understand your business?

Industry expertise in an Apprenticeship account manager is useful but not essential. They should be able to ask intelligent questions to help you work out what you need.

Would you be able to ask them difficult questions?

Training an apprentice is just as important for your business as any recruitment process and it’s important you get the best advice available in order to get the best return on your investment. You need to be sure that your training provider will be able to give you the right advice and guidance from the outset, and throughout your apprentice’s training.

Is the price fair?

Under the new system, the employer can negotiate the cost of the training which will either be paid for using your Apprenticeship Levy training funds (if you pay the levy) or through co-investment with the government (if you don’t pay the levy).

In order to get the best price for your business you may wish to choose a well-established provider who can help you get the best training available for your budget.

City College is the largest and best known training provider in Brighton and Hove, the College has been providing Apprenticeships for over 10 years and has links with over 500 local employers.

Contact City College today to find out how they can support you with your Apprenticeship Training requirements. Call 01273 667 778 ext: 2529 or email apprenticeships-explained@ccb.ac.uk